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About Us

The Tonbridge Child Contact Centre is nationally accredited by the NACCC. It gives children the opportunity to meet and build relationships with parents that they no longer live with.


The Centre focuses on giving children time to spend with their parent in a friendly, relaxed, and fun environment, making a potentially hard situation easier.

The Tonbridge Child Contact Centre is a registered charity (#1184164).



When and Where is it?

The Centre has meetings on the 1st and 3rd Saturday in the month between 2pm and 4pm at St Stephen’s Church Community Hall.


Who uses the centre?

Parents who have not had contact with children and need a neutral, friendly place to re-establish their relationship. Parents who do not have suitable accommodation for contact visits or who live a distance away. The centre can also be used as a ‘handover’ point for children. 

Our staff and volunteers

Our staff and volunteers are thoroughly DBS checked and are fully trained, experienced professionals.  They do not provide reports in any form, be the request personal or from a solicitor or court.  They remain neutral in all matters and are there to observe, and will remain child-focused at all times.  The Centre Manager, Claire Forder, is available on Friday for calls, messages or emails and will respond to all matters then.



We are being supported by the Co-Op Local Community Fund.


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